2019 Condo Flooring Trends to Watch Out For in Toronto

Posted Friday, April 26th, 2019
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new condo flooring in downtown apartment

If you are a condo owner who keeps up with interior and exterior design trends and strategies, you are already fully aware that new ones are always coming and going. While there are certain mainstays of condo living that always seem to be in style, others are more seasonal, or come and go within a year. Condo flooring trends are no different.

If you are thinking about new condo flooring, and want an idea of what to keep an eye out for, below are some of the new, and up and coming flooring trends for 2019.

The rise of light wood

Rich, dark hardwoods are always going to look great, but if you spend any time browsing home and decor publications, hardcopy or online, you will likely notice a lot more light, or blonde options. Dark hardwoods are high maintenance, really show dirt and dust and they can quickly suck the light out of a room.

Not only that, lighter colours are also more versatile, and often fit better with a wider variety of decor and design themes. Brightening up a space also typically means opening it up as well, adding the feeling of space in an increasingly crowded world. You can always consult the pros if you need a guiding hand.

Whitewashed flooring

Whitewashes had their day back in the 1980s, but they are making a comeback in 2019. Thankfully, however, they have been redone for our modern era. The pure, blinding white of a few decades ago has been reborn as newer, more matte looks, and they are typically much more subtle.

If you are still going for that modern look, whitewashing looks great on white oak. Whitewashing in 2019 is also popular accompanied by mineral streaks to help break up the solidness.

Textured flooring and wine brushing techniques

2019 is all about character and subtle textures. Wire brushed flooring is becoming popular because it is a subtle way to add graining to wood. You may recognize the look, because it is essentially a revamped version of distressed wood.

It is becoming an especially popular look among people with pets and/or small children. This is because the brushing technique, which lifts the soft grains from the growth ring, thereby exposing the heart wood to the surface. This helps to mask what would otherwise be visible wear and tear.

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Floors that last

There is this feeling in design right now that people want something that is going to stand the test of time, as well as a general desire to avoid waste. Engineered wood and bamboo floors are still common, but more and more people are opting for bigger upfront investments in exchange for longer-lasting products.

Solid hardwood flooring is more expensive, but it will typically last at least 100 years if installed by professionals. It is also popular because it allows condo owners to refinish, sand, or change colours whenever they want.

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Better quality and more eco-friendly finishes

It is much more common to find an environmental conscience in people in 2019 than it was even just a couple of years ago. People are more educated about environmental responsibility, and how their decisions as consumers affect the environment. This is definitely reflected in the kinds of finishes people are choosing in 2019.

High quality polyurethane that is robust and eco-friendly is the finish of choice this year. A close second are oil finishes that do not contain any volatile organic compounds. They don’t contain polyurethane, and instead soak deep into the wood. The finish is much richer and natural-looking, but also duller.

Polished concrete

Industrial-style flooring, and decor in general, is popular in 2019. Polished concrete, of the kind you tend to see in warehouse loft apartments, is starting to pop up in condos of all shapes and sizes.

Concrete is low maintenance, and, with some TLC, does not necessarily have to look cold and soulless. It is easy to maintain, and it looks good with a wide range of decoration schemes. Best of all, concrete is cost effective, which makes a lot of sense in our out of control housing markets.

Rapid-lock vinyl

Rapid-lock vinyl is both water and stain proof, looks almost identical to authentic hardwood materials, but does not come with the hardwood price tag. It is also a great option for condo bathrooms and kitchens - places where one might typically not be inclined to use wood.

Rapid-lock vinyl comes in a wide range of patterns and styles, and is a trend that will likely end up outliving 2019, as it just makes financial and aesthetic sense.

If you are in the market for some new flooring, and want to know what your options are, keep the above flooring trends in mind, and make 2019 the year you invest in some great new flooring.