The Condo KANDY Story

Prior to starting KANDY, the co-founders bought a typical condo with typical floor-to-ceiling windows off the typical living room. The balcony was visible from the entire living area, and it was ugly: a dirty, barren and inhospitable slab of concrete.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces

Condo Kandy co-founders Kelly and Doug are lovers of the outdoors, and lovers of the luxury urban outdoor lifestyle. Prior to starting Condo Kandy more than a decade ago, co-founders Kelly and Doug bought a typical condo, with typical floor-to-ceiling windows, off the typical condo living/dining room. 

As they renovated the inside of their condo, they wanted to take their personal taste and style to the outside, to the balcony. The balcony, visible from the entire living area, was ugly: a dirty, barren, and inhospitable slab of concrete. “No problem,” they said. “We’ll just get help with the balcony the same way we’re getting help with the closets or blinds.” But it wasn’t. 

After months of research, they found that there were no options for balcony flooring that met their standards for quality and taste and nothing that fit within the condo rules and bylaws.

They realized there was a major market gap, and in solving their own condo balcony flooring problem they conceived the idea for a business that would solve this problem for others. They founded KANDY Outdoor Flooring to provide condo owners with the service, quality, and the choices that were not available to them at the time. Over the years, Kandy Outdoor Flooring became Condo KANDY with expanded services for condo developers, including shades, blinds, and design services.

Condo KANDY Today

Condo Kandy is Canada’s #1 provider of exclusive, proprietary, and top-quality balcony flooring products for condo owners. Condo Kandy also provides balcony flooring en masse through its partnerships with builders and developers of multi-unit residential buildings.

If you’re in Toronto or the GTA, the best home improvement experience you’ve ever had starts with a free, no-obligation in-home consultation.

Condo KANDY’s Purpose and Core Values

At Condo KANDY our purpose is to help condo owners achieve a luxury urban outdoor lifestyle. To do that, we focus our core values on:

  • Bringing out the best in everyone
  • Being the solution
  • Delivering on every promise
  • If it’s to be, it’s up to me
  • Constant evolution

Condo Kandy governs itself by its purpose and core values. By doing so, we build a solid foundation from which we serve each and every customer and client with excellence, passion, integrity and trust.


Kelly — the K in Kandy — is an accomplished, award-winning entrepreneur with a passion for anything athletic and everything outdoors. Kelly has been traipsing around outside, on one continent or another, her entire life: hiking, skiing, snowboarding, rafting, camping, mountain biking, golfing, pickleball. When not working or playing outside, you can find Kelly creating a new gourmet meal or playing with one of her three cats. She’s surprised to discover that she really has become a crazy cat lady.


Doug — the D in Kandy — is a whiz at client relationships, largely because of his positive attitude and energy. He’s a foodie (thanks to Kelly’s cooking) who loves to travel and experience new and creative dishes, from Peruvian to French dining. Let’s not forget about beer: he’s a Level 8 on his Untapped Profile and loves the fact that in the GTA there are breweries around every corner. Doug, who also likes to play outside, tells everyone he always lets Kelly win at squash, but most people know the truth.

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