To meet your development profitability targets, you want partners who deliver the best mix of quality, choice, and value. You aim to differentiate your offering while maximizing margins and profitability.

Join major developers in the GTA and beyond who have already partnered with Condo Kandy, resulting in increased margins, per-square-foot revenue, visual appeal, and unit sale value. All with the peace of mind that comes from our high quality products and services and more than a decade helping condo owners in Canada create luxurious urban lifestyles.

Condo buyers call us for balcony flooring as they move in. Why not partner with us on the front end, share in the profits, and improve the experience for all?


Partner with Condo Kandy to include our exclusive, proprietary balcony flooring and locally-manufactured shades or blinds in the sale of the unit. Provides design variation opportunities, differentiation between suites, more usable and livable square footage, and—most importantly—strategic advantage over competitor projects.


Offer Condo Kandy’s high-quality balcony flooring and shades and blinds as optional upgrades for unit buyers. Buyers can choose products and colours to suit their own style and preference. This option represents significant revenue and profit potential, and the purchase could even be rolled into the buyer’s mortgage.

Key Benefits

  • Increased margins and revenue per square foot
  • Increased appeal and per-unit unit sale value
  • Tailored products and services mix for unique value creation
  • Hassle-free installation across the entire building either up front, or on a suite-by-suite basis for buyers choosing upgrades
  • Creates opportunities to differentiate between suites and other developers
  • Creates opportunities to differentiate between suites
  • The flooring will protect the deck infrastructure from wear and tear which is a benefit for buyers since the long term costs of infrastructure upgrades could be reduced
  • The balcony flooring effectively increases the amount of usable, live-able, and appealing square footage of each unit
  • Condo Kandy provides all coordination and fulfillment with excellent creating a positive reflection on the developers brand and building project

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Why Choose Condo KANDY As Your Development Partner?

Condo Kandy is the country’s longest-serving, innovative provider of high-quality outdoor flooring and balcony tiles for a luxury urban outdoor lifestyle. Developers including Tridel, PlazaCorp, Liberty, Digreen Homes, Atria, and Losani have partnered with Condo Kandy to achieve the shared goal of ensuring a positive, competitive, and quality experience for condo buyers.

We make it easy. We handle all coordination logistics and fulfilment, set up show suite displays, train and support your sales team—all with excellence, creating a positive reflection on your brand and building project.

Our Balcony Flooring Products

Condo KANDY is the Greater Toronto Area’s leader in condo balcony tile, plank flooring, balcony grass, custom suite shades, and design services.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor flooring, patio flooring, balcony flooring, interlocking deck tiles, condo shades, or design services - we’ve got you covered! Condo KANDY has a huge selection of styles, materials, and formats to choose from, and we only offer the best of the best!

Condo KANDY developer process



We discuss your unique project goals and details, view spaces or plans, and we show you options for balcony flooring, shades and blinds. We provide per-unit pricing and profitability which would help your sales team to upgrade the end user.

Confirm Project Scope

We confirm whether we’ll provide Condo Kandy solutions building- or project-wide in the finishing phase, or as upsell options to unit buyers. We’ll talk about timing, fulfilment, and installation plans. We help set up your display and provide samples and training for your sales team for maximum results.

Post-sale Fulfilment

Once the sale is made and you send the order, we take care of all logistics, fulfilment, and after-sales service with end users so you can focus on your core business while increasing profitability and client satisfaction.

Win Win Win

Your clients are our clients. We all win when we serve them together. Our commitment to excellence ensures a positive experience for you and outstanding results for the eventual condo owner. What’s our next partnership project?

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See why Condo Kandy is Canada’s #1 choice for exclusive, proprietary, and top-quality balcony flooring products for condo development projects in Toronto, the GTA, and Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a rooftop patio/deck with torch-on (or mod-bit, or EPDM) on it. Do you have a product suitable for this?

Most of our current products are suitable in this scenario with an additional layer of material put down to protect the membrane.

Do you provide product warranties?

Yes, Condo Kandy’s standard warranty against manufacturer’s defects is ten years from the time of purchase unless stated otherwise on your proposal or invoice. All sales of blowout clearance items are final.

Do you provide the product if I want to install it myself?

Absolutely, we provide product-only options for both retail and commercial applications. However, free in-home consultations are reserved for full-service customers.

Can I install your tiles on grass/dirt/sand?

No. There are three main conditions that need to be met for our outdoor flooring solutions to work. The surface should be flat, solid, and drain properly.

Still have questions about this? Contact us.

What's included in the price?

Condo Kandy offers its clients the peace of mind that comes from superior products, workmanship, and our passion for helping you create, for your clients, luxurious urban outdoor lifestyles through our proprietary balcony flooring. All inclusions/exclusions will be clearly outlined in your proposal and on your invoice, and will depend on your specific requirements and the details of the application.

Does the balcony/patio/deck make a difference to market value?

It does. Partnering with Condo Kandy for our exclusive, proprietary balcony flooring will help you increase your margins, per-square-foot revenue, visual appeal and unit sale value. Buyers no longer consider balcony flooring as ‘optional’ in their condos. They call us anyway before they move in, so why not give them what they want and reap the benefits? Win-win-win.

How do you calculate pricing?

We calculate pricing based on the following factors:

  • Type and format of product chosen
  • Size of area and quantity of products required
  • Difficulty or ease of installation and customization
  • Extra work required such as levelling pavers
  • Location, geography, shipping & handling considerations
  • Retail or commercial application
  • In the case of product-only sales, whether warehouse pick-up or shipping and delivery.
  • We always discuss these factors with you in order to provide the most competitive and firm price proposal and our satisfaction guarantee. We aim to earn your business.