Condo KANDY’s Condo Board Program


Our condo building program benefits not only individual condo owners, but also condo buildings as a whole—increased enjoyment of outdoor spaces coupled with increased property values at discounted rates are great reasons to take advantage of our building program.


Add value, protection, and extravagant aesthetics with the only ZERO-maintenance, non-permanent, long-lasting balcony tile flooring designed to let you easily transform balconies into unique outdoor experiences at an incredible price.

If visual continuity on the building exterior is necessary, the condo board may approve certain colours or styles which Condo Kandy will restrict its offering to.

Whether out of the overall budget or funded individually, Condo Kandy will handle all logistics, including individual choice, shipping, delivery, installation, customization, clean-up, and collections.

Condo Board Approved

  • It does NOT alter condo balcony surfaces, or the walls of the building, in any way.
  • It does NOT put the building envelope at risk in any way.
  • It does NOT adhere to the surface (no glue, no grout, no nails), thereby leaving the surface easily accessible for inspection or future maintenance.
  • It PROTECTS the surface and building envelope, providing great comfort to all concerned.
  • It INCREASES aesthetic appeal, enjoyment of outdoors spaces, and overall building valuations.

Create The Ultimate Luxury

See why Condo Kandy is Canada’s #1 choice for exclusive, proprietary, and top-quality balcony flooring products for condo owners in Toronto, the GTA, and Canada.

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Rooftops &
Common Areas

Condo Kandy also serves condo boards by providing design services for rooftop and common areas. Perfect for common-space renovations, upgrades, and repairs, our expert design consultants can help you find the perfect way to transform your outdoor common spaces into experiences your owners and tenants will love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide the product if I want to install it myself?

Absolutely, we provide product-only options for both retail and commercial applications. However, free in-home consultations are reserved for full-service customers.

Does this outdoor flooring break condo board rules?

No, it should not break any condo rules since the outdoor balcony flooring is not attached to the permanent structure in any way: no glue, grout, or nails are used during installation. Our floating flooring system allows water and small debris to fall through and wash away, and it allows air circulation around each tile to keep surfaces dry. This does not contribute to water pooling. However, we always recommend you consult the by-laws before installation just to be sure. If there are bylaws related to exterior visual conformity, Condo Kandy would be pleased to provide the condo board with a free estimate to have all balconies or patios transformed uniformly.

How much maintenance do your products require?

Our exclusive, proprietary products are all zero maintenance. All that is required is the occasional mop, wipe, or sweep.

What's included in the price?

Condo Kandy offers its clients the peace of mind that comes from superior products, workmanship, and our passion for helping you create, for your clients, luxurious urban outdoor lifestyles through our proprietary balcony flooring. All inclusions/exclusions will be clearly outlined in your proposal and on your invoice, and will depend on your specific requirements and the details of the application.

How do you calculate pricing?

We calculate pricing based on the following factors:

  • Type and format of product chosen
  • Size of area and quantity of products required
  • Difficulty or ease of installation and customization
  • Extra work required such as levelling pavers
  • Location, geography, shipping & handling considerations
  • Retail or commercial application
  • In the case of product-only sales, whether warehouse pick-up or shipping and delivery.
  • We always discuss these factors with you in order to provide the most competitive and firm price proposal and our satisfaction guarantee. We aim to earn your business.