Beautify Your Balcony With KANDY Outdoor Flooring

The sweet treat for your feet®

KANDY® Outdoor Flooring expands home experiences with service, quality and choice in interlocking outdoor flooring deck tiles for condo balconies, ground floor patios, and rooftop and common areas in multi-unit buildings.

Service: ​Our commitment is to service with excellence and to creating positive experiences for our clients.

Quality: Our commitment is to quality experiences, quality outdoor flooring products, materials and workmanship.

Choice: We provide choice in product type, color, and format to help you create a uniquely spectacular outdoor space. We even offer KANDY Outdoor Lighting that can be inlaid into your new flooring to expand your home experiences further into the night and further into each season.

Guaranteed: We guarantee our work. We guarantee your satisfaction.

We are a franchise system and we design and manufacture the highest quality outdoor floating flooring systems suited to the extreme and diverse climates found across North America.

We know that every inch of space on your balcony matters. We can help you make the most out of your outdoor space.

Your condo balcony has never looked so good. 🙂

Welcome to KANDY!

Whether you wish to make more of your outdoor space in your own condo, or you’re a property manager looking for outdoor flooring solutions for an entire building, KANDY can help. Or perhaps you are a builder, developer or contractor.

Couple Enjoying Their Condo Balcony View

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…an individual condo owner

and I’m looking to increase enjoyment of outdoor experiences on my balcony.

Outdoor Flooring plan for condo builders

I am…

…a contractor, builder, or developer

and I’m looking for an outdoor flooring solution for a multi-unit residential building.

Condo Board / Strata meeting about outdoor flooring

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..a condo board, strata council, HOA member or Building Manager

and I’m looking for an outdoor flooring solution that increases the value and enjoyment of outdoor spaces for all owners.