Platinum Series Plank Flooring

Captivating. Contemporary. Clean.


Bring the cottage to your balcony with our proprietary Platinum Series Plank Flooring. Developed by Canadians, for Canadians, enjoy the most upscale format available absolutely anywhere.

Platinum Series Plank Flooring Features

All the natural beauty of wood flooring with the durability of cutting-edge composite.
Platinum Series plank flooring is created with advanced (secret) technology and looks like a traditional wood deck. Its interlocking floating floor system provides a seamless finish.
  • Installation follows all condo board rules with no glue, no grout, no nails. NOTHING is permanently affixed.
  • Air circulates, water and debris fall through and wash away underneath for easy maintenance.
  • Lasts longer than traditional wood flooring. Much longer!

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Platinum Series Plank Flooring Colours

Mimicking a traditional deck, you can choose from a variety of beautiful, distinctive colours, rich with subtle streaks of darker tones, providing the depth, contrast, and texture of real wood.


Dark Roast

Inspired by your morning cup of hot coffee, Dark Roast will complement your modern traditional style. You’ll have the look of real wood without the maintenance.

Solstice Steel

The perfect statement of luxury for your bold industrial or mid-century modern design style.

Mountain Mist

The most versatile of all colour options, Mountain Mist blends across palettes and hues providing the perfect balance to any décor.

Create The Ultimate Luxury

See why Condo Kandy is Canada’s #1 choice for exclusive, proprietary, and top-quality balcony flooring products for condo owners in Toronto, the GTA, and Canada.

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How Lower Prices Cost You More

Don’t let the costs of your balcony flooring add up over time - get it done right the first time with our professional Platinum Series Plank Flooring installation.


Looking for design and layout examples? Visit the EYE KANDY Gallery to see our past projects.


  • Plank width: 5.7” (14.5 cm)
  • Plank length: 44.3” (112.5 cm)
  • Total tile thickness: 0.94” (2.4 cm)
  • 4 planks per box
  • 54 planks boxes per pallet
  • 3 lbs. per plank
  • 12 lbs. per box
  • 648 lbs. per pallet
  • 1.657 sq. feet per plank
  • 6.63 sq. feet per box
  • 358 sq. feet per pallet


Maintenance Made Easy

Simply sweep or damp mop your Platinum Series Plank Flooring flooring to keep your balcony looking ship shape and welcoming.

Platinum Plank Flooring is manufactured with a technologically advanced coextrusion process. It’ll last a lifetime while protecting your balcony surface and the building envelope.

Our proprietary floating floor system is compliant with condo board rules because it doesn’t adhere to the surface of your condo balcony.


At Condo Kandy, we know you won’t find a higher quality product anywhere else. We stand by that with our incredible fifteen year warranty that guarantees your complete satisfaction.
Find more details about our warranty program here.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the price?

Condo Kandy offers condo owners the peace of mind that comes from superior products, workmanship, and our passion for helping you create luxurious urban outdoor lifestyles through our proprietary balcony flooring. And that means your single, all-inclusive price includes a free in-home consultation, shipping, handling and delivery, layout design, installation, customization, clean up and extra tiles to keep.

If you really must have our exclusive, proprietary balcony flooring products and don’t want or need the full-service treatment, give us a call. Let’s talk.

For developer or other commercial applications, what’s included will depend on the specific requirements and all inclusions/exclusions will be clearly outlined in your proposal and on your invoice.

How long will Platinum Series Plank Flooring last?

Your Condo Kandy products arrive courtesy of our white glove delivery service. Then, our certified professional installer will lay a tarp to catch dust and waste. All cutting and customizing is done outside on the balcony. We clean everything up and remove all boxes for recycling. You’ll never know we were there. Except you have a beautiful floor! All you need to do is enjoy. You can watch our full installation process right here.

How does the Platinum Series Plank Flooring stay down on windy days if it is not attached?

Condo Kandy’s balcony flooring products are not prone to wind lift. The open profile of the tiles, with gaps between the upper slats and the grid-type construction of the bases, allows air to circulate fully around the tiles. This means the tiles aren’t a solid buffer for the wind to disturb. As well, with individual tile weights ranging between 2 and 2.4 pounds per square foot. Once interlocked, their collective weight prevents shifting.

Is Condo Kandy’s Platinum Series Plank Flooring condo board approved?

Yes! Our proprietary floating tile system requires no glue, grout, or nails during the installation process, both helping to preserve the integrity of the building envelope and aligning with condo board rules. However, we always recommend you consult the by-laws in your condo building before installation just to be sure. Some boards include regulations around exterior visual conformity—so all the balconies look the same from the street—in which case Condo Kandy would be happy to provide the condo board with a free estimate to have all balconies or patios uniformly transformed.

What conditions does my balcony/patio/deck have to meet in order for your products to work?

We haven’t yet met a condo balcony surface we didn’t like. However, there are three main conditions that need to be met for our outdoor flooring solutions to work. The surface should be:

  • solid
  • flat, and
  • properly draining

Still have questions about this? Contact us.

How do you calculate my price?

We calculate pricing based on the following factors:

  • Type and format of product chosen
  • Size of area and quantity of products required
  • Difficulty or ease of installation and customization
  • Extra work required such as levelling pavers
  • Location, geography, shipping & handling considerations
  • Retail or commercial application
  • In the case of product-only sales, whether warehouse pick-up or shipping and delivery.
  • We always discuss these factors with you in order to provide the most competitive and firm price proposal and our satisfaction guarantee. We aim to earn your business.
How long will Platinum Series Plank Flooring last?

Condo Kandy’s Platinum Series Plank Flooring will outlast traditional outdoor wood flooring. Manufactured with our co-extrusion composite, our plank flooring doesn’t deteriorate even in the harshest Canadian climate. We stand by this with our 10-Year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee.