Exclusive, proprietary, customized, condo board approved, durable, elegant, and zero-maintenance balcony flooring for your luxury urban outdoor lifestyle.


Condo Kandy is the #1 provider of exclusive, proprietary, and top-quality balcony flooring products for condo owners in Toronto, the GTA, and Canada.

High quality balcony flooring solutions

We’ve been designing, manufacturing, and providing the largest selection of high-quality condo balcony flooring for over a decade. Our experience spans a vast array of product styles, materials, and formats—and condo balconies of every size, shape, and complexity.

Stylish and contemporary, stunning and practical, durable and environmentally friendly. Our collections stand the test of time and the Canadian climate.

All our balcony flooring products are zero maintenance and compatible with condo rules. All you have to do is occasionally sweep or damp mop.

Create your luxury urban outdoor oasis with exclusive balcony flooring from Condo Kandy.

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Platinum Series
Plank Flooring

Captivating. Contemporary. Clean.

Bring the comfort of the cottage to your condo balcony and relax with the clean, long lines of our exclusive, proprietary outdoor plank flooring. Our state of the art co-extruded balcony flooring delivers the look and feel of wood grain backyard decks. Manufactured to exacting standards, the Platinum Plank Flooring lays directly on flat, solid surfaces. It allows proper drainage and accommodates temperature-driven expansion and contraction. Zero maintenance, just the occasional sweep or damp mop.

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NEXGen Balcony Tiles

Modern. Minimalist. Magnificent.

The most technologically advanced manufacturing process delivers the ultimate in performance, durability, practicality, and visual appeal. NexGen’s options include modern colour palettes, formats, including the popular 12” x 24” size and makes it easy for your signature style to shine. Condo Kandy’s NexGen does not stain, fade, split, crack, or warp making it essentially zero maintenance. All you need to do is occasionally sweep and mop to keep it looking good as new.

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KANDY Balcony Grass

Luscious. Green. Gorgeous.

Kandy Balcony Grass lets you enjoy the look and feel of a lush backyard lawn—without the mower. Seamless, cheerful, and resilient. Mix and match with our other products to differentiate between areas in your space, such as a play area for tiny tender feet and an elegant dining area for your guests.

Designed specifically for our Canadian climate, Kandy Grass is frost and heat resistant and environmentally friendly.

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See why Condo Kandy is Canada’s #1 choice for exclusive, proprietary, and top-quality balcony flooring products for condo owners in Toronto, the GTA, and Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my balcony floor?

All you have to do is occasionally sweep or damp mop. No scrubbing or special cleaning products required.

Is Condo Kandy balcony flooring condo board approved?

Yes! Our proprietary floating tile system requires no glue, grout, or nails during the installation process, both helping to preserve the integrity of the building envelope and aligning with condo board rules. However, we always recommend you consult the by-laws in your condo building before installation just to be sure. Some boards include regulations around exterior visual conformity—so all the balconies look the same from the street—in which case Condo Kandy would be happy to provide the condo board with a free estimate to have all balconies or patios uniformly transformed.

How do you install balcony flooring?

Your Condo Kandy products arrive courtesy of our white glove delivery service. Then, our certified professional installer will lay a tarp to catch dust and waste. All cutting and customizing is done outside on the balcony. We clean everything up and remove all boxes for recycling. You’ll never know we were there. Except you have a beautiful floor! All you need to do is enjoy. You can watch our full installation process right here.

How do your outdoor flooring tiles stay down on windy days if they're not attached?

Condo Kandy’s balcony flooring products are not prone to wind lift. The open profile of the tiles, with gaps between the upper slats and the grid-type construction of the bases, allows air to circulate fully around the tiles. This means the tiles aren’t a solid buffer for the wind to disturb. As well, with individual tile weights ranging between 2 and 2.4 pounds per square foot. Once interlocked, their collective weight prevents shifting.

I have a rooftop patio/deck with torch-on (or mod-bit, or EPDM) on it. Do you have a product suitable for this?

Most of our current products are suitable in this scenario with an additional layer of material put down to protect the membrane.

How do I care for my new outdoor flooring?

All you have to do is occasionally sweep or damp mop. No scrubbing or special cleaning products required.

What's included in the price?

Condo Kandy offers condo owners the peace of mind that comes from superior products, workmanship, and our passion for helping you create luxurious urban outdoor lifestyles through our proprietary balcony flooring. And that means your single, all-inclusive price includes a free in-home consultation, shipping, handling and delivery, layout design, installation, customization, clean up and extra tiles to keep.

If you really must have our exclusive, proprietary balcony flooring products and don’t want or need the full-service treatment, give us a call. Let’s talk.

For developer or other commercial applications, what’s included will depend on the specific requirements and all inclusions/exclusions will be clearly outlined in your proposal and on your invoice.

What conditions does my balcony/patio/deck have to meet in order for your products to work?

We haven’t yet met a condo balcony surface we didn’t like. However, there are three main conditions that need to be met for our outdoor flooring solutions to work. The surface should be:

  • solid
  • flat, and
  • properly draining

Still have questions about this? Contact us.