A Comparison: Porcelain Deck Pavers vs. Traditional Decking Materials

Posted Thursday, April 25th, 2024
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Are you considering upgrading your outdoor space but still debating whether to use traditional decking materials or porcelain deck pavers? Let’s take a look at how they compare to help you make an informed decision

Overview of Porcelain Deck Pavers

Porcelain pavers are a modern, stylish alternative to traditional decking materials. Made from a mixture of clay, sand, and other minerals, these pavers are baked at high temperatures to create a long-lasting, non-porous material.

They come in a range of modern finishes and are designed for outdoor use in both residential and commercial properties. These higher-end pavers are a popular choice for balconies, rooftop terraces, and other outdoor spaces.

Overview of Traditional Decking Materials

Traditional decking materials, such as wood and composite decking, remain popular choices for outdoor flooring. Wood decking has a natural look and feel, while composite decking is a low-maintenance option resistant to rot and insect damage.


Porcelain deck pavers are known for their durability and resistance to various elements. They are frost, fire, salt, mold, stain, fade, and impact resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.

In contrast, traditional decking materials, like wood, do not offer the same level of durability and resistance, posing a variety of issues in Canada’s harsh weather conditions. Composite decking are also quite durable and weather resistant, but not to the same extent as porcelain deck pavers.


One of the main advantages of porcelain pavers is their low maintenance requirements. They only need occasional cleaning to keep them looking their best. In contrast, traditional decking materials, like wood, scuff or scratch easily.

While composite decking require no maintenance, wood does require regular maintenance like staining, sealing, and possible replacement altogether. These cons indicate traditional decking options are ultimately more time-consuming and costly than porcelain tiling alternatives.


Porcelain pavers should be installed in full compliance with condo board rules. They can easily be installed on low-profile pedestals and are easy to remove. The flooring option is considered eco-friendly as it is both renewable and reusable.

On the other hand, installation options for traditional decking materials, like wood, may be limited in terms of design flexibility.


While porcelain pavers have a higher initial cost than traditional decking materials, their excellent durability and low upkeep requirements will save you money in the long run.

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