Balcony Decorating Tips That Make Sense All Year

Posted Saturday, November 24th, 2018
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following balcony decorating tips in Toronto

Balconies around Toronto are a mixed bag. You can really tell who spends a lot of time making their outdoor space look fantastic, and who doesn’t. Whether it is for the holidays, or just year-round beautification, below are some of Condo KANDY’s most important balcony decorating tips to keep your balcony looking great all year long.

Holiday lights look great in Toronto

The first of our balcony decorating tips concerns what to do with your Holiday lights. One of the nicest things about being in a Condo in Toronto during the winter months is the holiday lights. It is nice to look out on a cold December evening and see that some people have gotten into the holiday spirit. Whether you are celebrating Christmas or not, putting up lights on your balcony during December is a right of passage in Canada and something that makes your outdoor space look welcoming, even comforting. Cool colours like white, blue, and green make the best balcony lights, and you don’t need a lot to make a big impact.

Table and chairs

If you have the space on your balcony for a table and chairs, you should do it. Not only is it nice to be able to sit outside and have a coffee or talk on the phone, but having personal outdoor space that you actually utilize is good for your health. Being outside reduces stress and, when the sun is out, helps you get your daily intake of vitamin D. Many people who live in Condos in Toronto spend all day at an office, and then all night in a condo. If you have usable outdoor space, decorate it with a table and chairs and utilize it.

Flower and vegetable gardens

Part of living in the concrete jungle means a lack of greenspace. While Toronto fares much better than some global cities in terms of the amount of green space it has (currently, just 18 percent of the city is dedicated to parks and gardens), nothing is stopping you from creating your own oasis on your balcony. Potted plants, and small vegetable and herb gardens can do great on Balconies during the spring, summer, and fall. In addition to looking great from both the inside and the outside, your balcony garden can produce things like tomatoes, peppers, dill, chives and a host of other things you can cook with.

Balconies are often an afterthought for most people, especially if the space is small. But your balcony is a great chance to not only advertise who you are, but to actually create an outdoor space that you enjoy using. Visit Condo KANDY and find out more about great outdoor flooring and balcony decorating tips.


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