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You may be a builder, contractor, or a renovator that serves the condo market in your Canadian community, or you may be a wholesaler looking to source high quality products for these value-added resellers.

Add value, protection, and striking aesthetics to your new builds or condo renovation projects, at an incredible trade rate, with the only zero-maintenance, non-permanent, long-lasting balcony tile flooring available today. Or bring our products into your retail specialty store catering to the contractor/builder/renovator.


Condo Kandy is the #1 provider of exclusive, proprietary, and top-quality balcony flooring products for condo owners in Toronto, the GTA, and Canada, with more than a decade serving Canada’s condo market coast to coast.

Condo Kandy’s unique floating flooring system accommodates condo board and strata council rules:

  • Doesn’t alter condo balcony surfaces or building walls.
  • Needs no glue, no grout, no nails, leaving the surface easy to access for inspection or maintenance.
  • Protects the surface and building envelope.

When serving condo owners to create their unique urban outdoor lifestyle—without having to leave the condo— we share your goals of adding value.

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Contractors & Renovators

Condo Kandy products are the perfect fit for contractors to install during renovation projects: purpose built, easy to install, and compliant with condo board regulations and bylaws.

Building Supplies Outlets

Adding Condo Kandy products to your inventory gives you top-quality options that contractors won’t find in big box retailers! Our products are designed for use in condos, easy to install and customize.

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See why Condo Kandy is Canada’s #1 choice for exclusive, proprietary, and top-quality balcony flooring products for condo owners in Toronto, the GTA, and Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the price?

Condo Kandy offers condo owners the peace of mind that comes from superior products, workmanship, and our passion for helping you create luxurious urban outdoor lifestyles through our proprietary balcony flooring. And that means your single, all-inclusive price includes a free in-home consultation, shipping, handling and delivery, layout design, installation, customization, clean up and extra tiles to keep.

If you really must have our exclusive, proprietary balcony flooring products and don’t want or need the full-service treatment, give us a call. Let’s talk.

For developer or other commercial applications, what’s included will depend on the specific requirements and all inclusions/exclusions will be clearly outlined in your proposal and on your invoice.

Do you provide the product if I want to install it myself?

Absolutely, we provide product-only options for both retail and commercial applications. However, free in-home consultations are reserved for full-service customers.

Will the condo board have to approve Condo Kandy products?

Condo Kandy’s outdoor balcony flooring solutions fit within condo and strata rules because:

  • The outdoor floor or grass is not attached to the balcony floor, walls, or permanent structure in any way.
  • It allows water and small debris to fall through and wash away, for air to circulate around each tile to help keep surfaces dry. It does not contribute to water pooling.
  • The outdoor flooring materials help to protect the building envelope. 
  • If the board needs access to the building structure for any reason (window/balcony cleaning, building envelope/structure inspection) the materials are simply lifted to provide unfettered access.
Where can I see displays of Condo KANDY flooring?

Condo Kandy products are showcased in select developer design centres, presentation centres, and show suites. We also provide in-person consultations.

Do I have to purchase a minimum amount?

The minimum order for product-only sales is one full box which with most of our products equals 10 square feet. The total order must be in full box increments. For full service including consultation and installations, the minimum order dollar value is $1,000.

How do you calculate pricing?

We calculate pricing based on the following factors:

  • Type and format of product chosen
  • Size of area and quantity of products required
  • Difficulty or ease of installation and customization
  • Extra work required such as levelling pavers
  • Location, geography, shipping & handling considerations
  • Retail or commercial application
  • In the case of product-only sales, whether warehouse pick-up or shipping and delivery.
  • We always discuss these factors with you in order to provide the most competitive and firm price proposal and our satisfaction guarantee. We aim to earn your business.