Creating a Safe Outdoor Space With Floor Decking Tiles

Posted Monday, April 29th, 2024
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When choosing new flooring for your outdoor spaces, safety should be a top priority. The right outdoor floor decking tiles can transform your space into a non-slip safe haven, perfect for family spaces. Let’s delve into important considerations when choosing safe, non-slip flooring options for your condo balcony.

Why Choose Floor Decking Tiles?

There are many good reasons to choose outdoor decking tiles from Condo Kandy for your outdoor spaces. Here are a few:
  • Hard-wearing and durable for long-term satisfaction
  • Easy to install and easy to maintain
  • Designed to withstand Canadian weather conditions
  • Textured surface for excellent slip-resistance
  • There are many colours and styles to choose from
  • Condo boards love them as they don’t require nails, bolts or glue
With so many benefits to offer, it's no wonder that outdoor decking tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for balconies, patios, and other outdoor spaces.

Choosing the Best Floor Decking Tiles for Your Condo Balcony

When making your selection, it is important to prioritise safety. Some types of flooring become slippery in wet or icy conditions, increasing the risks of falls and injury. Your decking tiles should have a textured surface to ensure they are slip-resistant. Ensure the product is well-designed to interlock securely for a flat service that doesn’t pose potential trip hazards. By choosing flooring that is designed for safety, you can create outdoor spaces that are safe while maintaining the stylish aesthetic of your home. In addition to choosing the most suitable decking tiles, there are other measures you can take to ensure the safety of your condo balcony:
  • Install secure zip fasteners around the edge of the balcony
  • Keep the balcony clear of clutter to avoid tripping
  • Ensure proper lighting, especially at night
  • Check for proper drainage to reduce the risk of water pooling
  • Follow the safety rules and regulations prescribed by your condo board
Winning multiple awards over the years, Condo Kandy stands out as one of Canada’s top choices for outdoor floor decking tiles.Book a consultation and transform your condo balcony into the perfect space for all your outdoor activities, no matter the weather.