Easy Ideas for Hosting a Memorable Summer Condo Party

Posted Wednesday, June 15th, 2022
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Create the ultimate urban outdoor oasis

With the long months of summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start entertaining your friends, family or even co-workers over good eats and cool drinks within your home and out on your balcony! From the intricate aesthetics of your living room to the wide-open views from your condo balcony, we’ve got five tips to help you create the perfect entertaining space all season long!

Here’s everything you need to know before your summer of hosting begins:

Keep Your Condo Clean

Take a moment to clear any unnecessary items from surfaces across your condo. These include kitchen appliances, catch-all bowls and other non-essential decor that takes up space. Not only is a sparse surface minimal and tidy, but it also allows your guests to place their drinks, food and utensils without crowding common spaces.

Of course, maintaining a clean and inviting condo balcony is a huge part of frequent hosting. Thankfully, our top-quality balcony flooring products are long lasting and effortless to maintain, giving you the perfect outdoor party space all summer long.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

Subtle elements of seasonal decor, fresh aromas or a carefully curated playlist of background music all go a long way in giving life to your home while you’re hosting. Try experimenting with seasonally-themed linens, create pockets of light with pillar candles and soft lamps and que up a playlist of summertime tunes that compliment your desired party theme.

As for the outdoor festivities, let the sprawling urban views and shining summer sun draw all the attention. For more tips and condo balcony ideas, read our ultimate guide to decorating your balcony.

Manage Foot Traffic

Do you ever find that your guests always crowd the kitchen? Or maybe seating is a premium in the living room? One key solution is to separate food and beverage arrangements throughout your entertaining space to keep foot traffic circulating smoothly.

On your balcony floor, consider placing an extra side table or chairs so that your guests may comfortably congregate outdoors. The further addition of an ice-filled drink cooler would certainly keep your guests happy all afternoon long!


Get creative and discover new ways to utilize your space! For smaller condos, it can often be difficult to set up for a party by conventional means, especially when an increasing number of people are visiting. Think about using your bedroom as a coat check, or throw extra snack bowls on an empty windowsill. Maybe your fridge is full and the best way to cool your summer drinks is stationing them in the kitchen sink filled with ice. Whatever sparks your creativity, your guests are sure to appreciate your ingenuity.

Make Your Condo Balcony Shine

After all, what fun is a summer event without incorporating your outdoor space into your party! Make your balcony shine this summer with Condo Kandy’s show stopping, condo board-approved outdoor flooring products. Our NexGen Balcony Tiles and Platinum Series Outdoor Plank Flooring will be the highlight of your events all season long. Request a consultation today and host like never before!