KANDY Urges End to Trucker's Strike

Posted Saturday, March 22nd, 2014
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KANDY Outdoor Flooring feels for those truckers and their families who believe strongly enough in their issue to elect to stop work and stop collecting paycheques. We know this is a sacrifice.

We feel for those bureaucrats now working long hours and through the weekend writing back-to-work legislation and the briefing and policy documents that go hand in hand with trying to facilitate some sort of settlement in this type of dispute.

We feel for the consumers who either are already or will soon be paying higher prices for goods that have been caught up in the Port of Vancouver shutdown.

And we certainly feel for the businesses, big and small, who are paying directly out of pocket to manage the hindered movement of their goods. We are one of those businesses.

We have 22,000 square feet of proprietary product either on the water or ready to ship from China and we can't bring it in without significant expense in rerouting to other ports.

We encourage all parties involved in this dispute to work together to resolve the important issues, get the truckers back to work and reopen the Port of Vancouver as soon as possible. See our news release here.