Condo Kandy balcony flooring is showcased at THE LOBBY, Tridel’s Design Studio. New and prospective condo owners browse the showroom to match their balcony flooring to the indoor colour and design scheme. They can also add the balcony flooring to their total sale and roll the upgrade into their mortgage. Installation and customization is all provided by Condo Kandy leaving the program hassle free both for Tridel and for its condo owner clients. We’ve also extended a discount program to all Tridel Employees.

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Tridel Bianca

At Tridel Bianca homeowners have the suite choice of either the Annex Collection, the Terrace Collection; both offering generous outdoor spaces, terraces and balconies or the Castle Collection; with a castle view and spacious suites. Each suite features impeccable finishes and a glamorous design. The kitchens include designer cabinets, integrated appliances and natural store or […]

Tridel Ten York

Innovation at its best. Tridel Ten York explores the endless possibilities achievable when modern technology and timeless design are joined together. The result is a luxury suite unlike any other, with each and every element designed to enhance and improve convenient living. This suite elevates luxury condo living, with it’s built in technologies and enhanced […]

Tridel The Lobby

Condo Kandy has partnered up with Tridel and is featured in The Lobby, a sophisticated Tridel design studio. This offers homeowners, potential homeowners and designers innovative solutions and state of the art finishes available for their home. Condo owners and potential owners are given the exclusive opportunity to upgrade their balcony flooring, by choosing our […]

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