The Ultimate Guide To Condo Balcony Decorating Ideas in the GTA

Posted Tuesday, August 9th, 2022
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Our Simple Tips For Styling Your Condo Balcony

In the face of so much similar architecture throughout southern Ontario, Condo balcony decorating in the GTA is becoming increasingly popular among condo owners. Even small additions to your outdoor space can dramatically alter (for the better) a balcony or outdoor space. Below is the ultimate guide to condo balcony decorating in Toronto and the GTA. We hope it inspires you to view your outdoor space as one that is just as important as the indoor.

Condo balcony decorating in the GTA starts with the flooring

To build a great condo balcony you need to start from the ground up. That means starting with your flooring. Modern flooring options continue to expand and you now have access to a spectacularly wide range of great material options and styles.
Whatever materials you are looking for, your outdoor flooring sets the tone for the rest of your balcony.

Turn your outdoor space into a green oasis

If you have the room to do so, one of the most beneficial things you can do while decorating your condo balcony in the GTA is to turn your outdoor space into a green oasis. Whether they be purely ornamental, or herbs and vegetables for salads, green space, in a land of steel, glass and concrete, is important.
studies have proven that access to and views of green spaces and vegetation is good for our mood and mental health.

Choose the right lighting

Most balconies have at least a pot light that can be switched on from inside your condo, but if you really want to create ambience, you need something softer. A great way to elevate any balcony space is by including warm lighting.
Great for a drink after work, or a romantic evening, a string of lights along the railing, or a lantern tree in the corner makes any balcony instantly more appealing.


At the end of the day, you should decorate based on your tastes and personal preferences, but there are some tried and true additions to your balcony that are sure shots. If you want to find out more about condo balcony decorating in the GTA, and how to start the process with some fantastic condo flooring, get in touch with Condo KANDY today and let us help you build your dream balcony.