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Create Your Luxury Urban Outdoor Oasis With Exclusive Balcony Flooring

From concept to craftsmanship and classic to contemporary, our proprietary product line and white glove service lets you express your personal style. Book your balcony flooring installation today and start taking advantage of everything your condo has to offer!
The only zero-maintenance, condo board approved, long-lasting balcony tile flooring designed to let condo owners, developers, and wholesalers effortlessly transform bland balconies into luscious urban outdoor spaces.

Lasts a Lifetime

We design and manufacture our products to stand up to Canada’s weather and intensely enjoyable regular use.

Canada’s First & Award Winning

The search for stylish, sleek solutions for our own condo balcony led us to launch a new industry more than ten years ago.

Condo Board Approved

We know the rules. Our balcony flooring requires no adhesives, fasteners, or surface alterations and poses no risk to the building envelope.

Zero Maintenance

You’ve got better things to do. The occasional sweep or mop will keep your Condo Kandy balcony flooring looking good as new.

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Our Balcony Flooring Products

Condo KANDY is the Greater Toronto Area’s leader in condo balcony tile, plank flooring, balcony grass, custom suite shades, and design services.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor flooring, patio flooring, balcony flooring, interlocking deck tiles, condo shades, or design services - we’ve got you covered! Condo KANDY has a huge selection of styles, materials, and formats to choose from, and we only offer the best of the best!
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See why Condo Kandy is the number one choice for condo owners in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, and right across Canada. Condo Kandy is the country’s longest-serving, innovative provider of high-quality balcony flooring and balcony tiles for your luxury urban outdoor lifestyle.

Over 100 five star reviews!

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Learn about design trends, decoration ideas, flooring maintenance and everything in between through our blog!
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We were featured on Dragon’s Den on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015. Watch it here.

Where is Condo Kandy located?

Condo Kandy provides products and full service to condo owners, developers, and builders in the Greater Toronto Area and provides its product-only options across North America.

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