7 Christmas Balcony Decorations To Make Your Neighbours Jealous

Posted Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022
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Don’t disappoint Santa when he lands his slay on your condo balcony this Christmas. Now is the time to start embracing the festivities of the holidays by decorating your condo and balcony.

Everyone knows how to decorate the inside of their apartment - putting up a christmas tree, garlands, lights and other kinds of fun crafts. Unfortunately many condo owners often forget to decorate their balcony for the holidays, leaving it as a sad snowy platform. Fear not, we’ve come up with a list of Christmas balcony decorations and ideas to inspire the holiday joy in condo owners like you!

Start From The Ground Up

There’s no point in putting up all kinds of beautiful lights and garlands on your balcony just to walk out onto a cold, glum and gray concrete floor. Decorating your condo balcony for Christmas starts from the ground up, which means having great flooring in place which you can walk and lounge on while wearing your cozy holiday slippers and sipping your cup of hot chocolate or eggnog.

Condo Kandy features plenty of modern flooring options, perfect for setting the tone for your Christmas balcony decorations and year-round decor! Plus, with Canadian weather-proof functionality, you won’t have to worry about upkeep through the winter months.

Light It Up!

Catch the eyes of your neighbours and onlookers passing by with dazzling Christmas lights that wrap around your balcony rail. Luckily, unlike homeowners who have to put up lights around their garage or home using ladders, it’s incredibly fast and easy to light up your balcony.

Just make sure you buy Christmas lights that are labelled for outdoor use! Our favourites are the tiny fairy lights that are molded right into a thin bendable wire that you can shape however you want. With your lights in place, it’s time to add a bit of green firs for texture.

Add A Bit Of Texture With Wreaths & Garlands

There’s no better way to project the feeling of Christmas than combining your lights with some luscious green fir garlands and wreaths. Wrapping these firs around your balcony rail provides the additional benefit of keeping that cold winter wind at bay.

Just make sure you’re securing them tightly so they don’t fly away with the wind! You can also buy small potted fir plants to place around your balcony floor, adding a little life and fresh pine scent to the air.

Don’t Skimp On The Finishing Touches

Add a bit of holiday colour to your green fir garlands and wreaths with some red velvet pieces or ornaments. You can really make those green wreaths pop simply by hanging a big red bow on them! Use ribbons, bells, cones and tinsel to brighten up your decorations and bring about that warm Christmas feeling.

Make It Cozy With Some Rustic Elements

Your local department store or any Christmas decoration store will likely have all kinds of rustic elements you can use, such as old lanterns, candles, planters and even cute wooden bird houses (that are mostly just for aesthetic purposes).

Get creative with placing these around your balcony’s floor, tables and chairs. This will help you fill up the space with a natural, worn cabin-like feeling that’ll make you and your guests ask to venture outside.

Have Fun & Use Your Personal Tastes

Remember that everything comes down to your personal tastes, so if you prefer a warm white Christmas aesthetic or something else, you can substitute any of the colours and materials we mentioned above! It’s also fun to incorporate some creative DIY crafts into your decorations to personalize your balcony and make it feel like your own space.

With the right Christmas decorations in place, you’ll want to spend all your time on your balcony. Wrap up in your warm Christmas throw blanket, set down your laptop outside and turn on Home Alone or any one of your favourite Christmas movies. If you want to find out more about decorating your condo balcony and how you can build from the ground up with some premium condo flooring, contact us today and let us help you impress Santa.