How to Prepare for New Condo Balcony Flooring

Posted Sunday, August 14th, 2022
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Finding the perfect high-quality balcony flooring that’s simple to install is often a difficulty for condo owners looking to accentuate their outdoor space. Fortunately, Condo Kandy’s premium balcony flooring solutions arrive with expert installation services that are hassle-free and provide an upscale look to your outdoor space.

Now that you’ve decided on a new, long-lasting balcony flooring solution, we’ve got the next steps you need to take before we install your new product.

How Should I Prepare My Condo Balcony for Installation?

The moment has finally arrived to order your new condo balcony flooring from Condo Kandy! With your complimentary consultation complete and your product chosen, now it’s time to prepare your condo balcony for installation.

Before our professional installers arrive, we recommend following a few simple steps to prepare your condo balcony for the luxury revitalization you deserve.

First, begin by removing any outdoor furniture and decor, storing it safely inside to assure your condo balcony is clear of obstacles. This precaution allows our team to install your new flooring without interruption, leaving a blank canvas to rework your outdoor masterpiece.

After removing any furniture, potted plants or existing flooring, we recommend giving your condo balcony a thorough sweep, starting at the top of the balcony and working down. For harder to reach areas, try using a vacuum cleaner.

How Long Does the Installation Take?

Once we have discussed logistics, expectations and scheduled an installation date, our expert installers can often conduct a full balcony flooring installation within a single day. There are occasional circumstances where this may not be possible, such as with very large areas, sudden extreme weather, or other unforeseen events, but in the majority of cases, installation is completed within the same day.

We pride ourselves in offering professional installation, taking every precaution to protect your condo balcony and home. Throughout the installation process, our installers lay runners through your home to protect your interior and lay a tarp on the balcony to collect dust and waste.

Any cutting and customizing of your flooring will be done on the balcony area. At the end of the installation process, we assure all debris and recycling is removed, leaving you with an exceptional balcony you can enjoy every season!

Can You Install Balcony Flooring Around Pillars or Curved Balconies?

We’ve completed numerous flooring installations that could be considered complex due to unconventional balcony shapes or railing posts. Our certified installers can skillfully install your new balcony flooring with precise detail and guaranteed satisfaction.

How to Enjoy Your New Outdoor Oasis

Now that your new balcony flooring has been installed, you’re ready to make the most of your condo balcony.

Our premium outdoor balcony flooring brings a signature finish to outdoor living, complimenting a variety of high-end furniture and decor pieces. With the right decor, lighting and even plant life, you’ll have an outdoor oasis that’s the envy of your social group. For tips on styling your new condo balcony, read our guide to outdoor decorating.

To learn more about our condo balcony installation process, view our installation information page, or contact us for a complimentary consultation.